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Rib Treasure Hunt

Unlike most event companies we actually own our Ribs. This enables us to reduce the cost to our clients. As well as this, our treasure hunts place an emphasis on team building as well as fun. We have three different levels of Rib Treasure Hunt all depending on what you or your clients wish to get out of the day.

Rib treasure hunt

Your day consists of a start area where you will have breakfast, briefings and an introduction to the event. You are then split into teams and the challenge begins.

Each Rib team will have a mixture of both land and sea questions to answer and clues to find. You will visit several ports in the Solent and the clues/questions get harder as the distance increases.

Lunch is served at a destination of your choice and can range from Pub food to a BBQ in a famous Yacht club in Cowes.

On completing the challenge, arrive back at your start area for a drink before running through the prize giving.

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