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Team Building

Our corporate team building sailing events are powerful, inspirational andTeam building activities life changing. These experiences relate directly to challenges in business and to the improved performance of your team.

A team has a much better chance of succeeding if they are mentally and emotionally primed for success.

A yacht is renowned as being one of the most effective vehicles for Team building activityteambuilding and management development. For the yacht to be sailed well, the crew must work as a team to communicate, manage effectively, motivate, interact, delegate and accept responsibility. All these skills are also essential to our performance in business.

The parallels between sailing and business are well recognised. The yachts provide an environment away from office pressures that is new and non-threatening, yet exciting and dynamic. Lessons are learnt quickly and theory is always put into practice.

Our skippers, by nature, are good team leaders and know just what makes a team tick. They have put together a series of challenges that are carried out on the water and have the sole purpose of helping your group function as an effective team. The challenges can be carried out by a single group or by a number of yachts or powerboats when the added factor of competition could greatly enhance the team’s performance.

You will have a choice of the following boats…

  • 40.7 Racer Cruiser – Yacht
  • Matched fleet of Ribcraft Ribs
  • 37′ Cruising Yachts – Yacht
  • 50′ Race Yachts Performance Yacht